TBEX EUROPE 2018 is coming to Ostrava

TBEX (Travel Blog Exchange) is the world’s largest conference and networking event for travel bloggers, online travel journalists, new media content creators, travel brands and industry professionals. The venue for TBEX Europe 2018 is Ostrava, which will host the event from 26–28 July.

TBEX has been held annually since 2012 in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Previous European host cities and regions have included Killarney, Athens, Stockholm, Dublin and Costa Brava. This year, the event is heading to Central Europe for the first time.

Organizers expect to welcome around 700 delegates from all over the world – mostly from Europe and North America, but also with strong representation from Asia and the rest of the world. Most participants at TBEX are content creators working in new media (blogs, vlogs, podcasts), but around 20% of the delegates represent destination marketing organizations – including hotels, travel agencies, PR and marketing agencies, and traditional media publishers.

The conference part of the event will be held at Ostrava’s Lower Vítkovice complex. Before and after the conference there will be a range of accompanying programmes in the city, the region, and other venues in the Czech Republic. The purpose of these programmes is to showcase the many great travel experiences that the city and the region can offer, so delegates can then spread the word to their audiences – potential future visitors.

For more information about TBEX 2018 see the website tbexcon.com/2018-europe.