Original ideas for a Christmas party in Ostrava – when to start planning, and which venue to choose?

Have you ever had the honour of organizing your company’s Christmas party? If the answer is yes, then hopefully this article will provide you with some much-needed inspiration so you won’t have to google yourself crazy…


When asked when is the best time to start planning a company party, professionals will always give you the same answer: “Really really early.” Basically, as soon as this year’s party is over, you need to start planning next year’s. This year’s party cost you time, effort, nerves, a few kilos (whether gained or lost), three grey hairs (or maybe a few more), and plenty of reproachful looks from your children, pets, husband or wife… and now you need to start all over again. Above all, don’t leave the planning for next year’s party until next year!

So now you have two options. Either you can google key words like

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… or you can save time and effort, and keep reading this article.

If you want to score a few plus points with your boss for choosing an original location, Ostrava offers several great options. Of course, it all depends on your budget, the number of people attending, the theme of the party, your corporate culture, and how easily accessible the location is. Here are the top 5 venues for a party in Ostrava, and I think you’ll agree they’re worthy of their ranking:

  1. Bolt Tower, the Hlubina coal mine, Science and Technology Centre – basically Lower Vítkovice
  2. Landek Park
  3. The Národní Dům café or the Dvanáctka Bar
  4. The Michal coal mine
  5. The Silesian Ostrava Castle

The Lower Vítkovice area really deserves its top spot. It’s easy to get there by car or public transport, and it offers an unbeatable range of breathtaking places to have a party. Look at this catalogue – you’re sure to find something that suits you. Bolt Tower is Ostrava’s iconic café with a truly special view – and it’s ideal for a smaller-scale party. There are also venues at the Hlubina coal mine, the Gong, or the Science and Technology Centre – all of them offering an unforgettable industrial atmosphere that everybody’s sure to love. We can also recommend other venues at Lower Vítkovice – the Fajna Dílna workshop centre, the Food Ateliér, Cineport, or Cokafe. If you choose one of these places as the venue for your party, the programme will write itself.

Landek Park is right on the edge of the city, so it’s a bit further to get to Stodolní Street for some after-party fun, but there’s no doubt that a party held at this former coal mine (the site of a popular mining museum) will be truly original. There’s no need to stick with the classics – a magician sawing his assistant in half, or music from Mamma Mia. Instead, why not create something with a real authentic taste of Ostrava? Spice up the party with a coal-mining flavour: you can go down into the former mine tunnels, maybe have a black-and-white dress code, and try out the drink known as a “miners’ flag” – an unforgettable experience, I assure you. This catalogue shows the various options that Landek Park can offer.

The Národní Dům café and Dvanáctka bar. A dose of culture never did anybody any harm, and the beautifully renovated Jiří Myron Theatre in Ostrava city centre is an ideal venue where you can combine a great Christmas party with a performance to remember. For those who want to keep the party going long into the night, it’s also just a few steps away from the renowned entertainment quarter around Stodolní Street. You’ll not believe how a great musical or comedy can set up a wonderful mood for the whole evening. For something a bit posher, you can arrange a special tasting menu.

The Michal coal mine is a hugely popular visitor attraction. It’s Ostrava’s tribute to the industry that put the city on the map – and the atmosphere is unbelievably powerful. Enjoy a special guided tour topped off with some classic cuisine and great music.

The Silesian Ostrava castle is just a few steps from the city centre, and it can be closed to the public if you’re organizing a company event there. It offers plenty of rooms each with a different style, so there’s sure to be something to suit you. And if you want to choose a theme – maybe a medieval-style party or whatever else you fancy – the castle’s management team will be glad to help you with the planning and the programme. Add in a guided tour of the castle and some music, and a great Christmas party is born.

What about other options?For smaller parties with a more limited budget, I’d recommend one of Ostrava’s many restaurants or cafés – there’s a huge range to choose from. For larger-scale company parties, why not choose a chain hotel, which will also help you with the organization. You can find a list of suitable venues on the website of the Convention Bureau Ostrava – your one-stop-shop contact for MICE tourism in Ostrava. When planning the party, you can consult events agencies – ask the venues for recommendations.

To conclude, I have just one last piece of advice – hopefully it’ll help you enjoy a stress-free Christmas. When you’re at the party, don’t forget that your colleagues and bosses are watching your every move. It’s a work event, and you’re not among family and close friends who’ll forgive any little indiscretions. Be doubly careful if it’s a themed party! Nobody will ever be able to erase from their memory your over-enthusiastic dance stylings wearing short lederhosen, perhaps fuelled by a bit too much Christmas spirit… and your beloved colleagues will remind you of your memorable performance at every presentation you give. And finally, ladies and gentlemen, remember that exchanging presents is fine, but professional relationships are best kept professional…