Regular events


Easter in Silesian-Ostravian Castle

4.4. - 5.4.2020

Ostrava Compote

24.5. - 24.5.2020

Family – culture festival made by people from Ostrava.

One World film festival

26.3. - 3.4.2020

The largest human rights documentary film festival in the world.

Ostrava chess festival

2.5. - 10.5.2020

Ostravský koník is an international chess competition held every year in Ostrava.

Leoš Janáček International Music Festival

27.5. - 1.7.2020

The International Janacek May music festival is devoted mainly to classical music. The program also contains jazz, spoken word and dance.

Czech Women Race

30.5. - 30.5.2020

A road running race for women and girls of all ages.


Golden Spike athletics meeting

22.5. - 22.5.2020

Athletic meeting held in Ostrava since 1961. One-day sports event gathers every year an international athletic elite, including Usain Bolt himself.

LifeInLine Tour

June 2020

Inline speed skating festival

Beethoven’s Hradec

23.6. - 27.6.2020

International music competition and music festival takes place in the Hradec nad Moravicí castle, which is closely connected with the visits of Beethoven, Liszt or Paganini.

New Opera Days Ostrava

26.6. - 30.6.2020

The goal of New Opera Days Ostrava festival is to contribute to the discussion about the evolution of opera and to demonstrate its possibilities in the 21st century.

Festival on the Streets

26.6. - 27.6.2020

The summer festival transforms the streets into a colourful feast full of entertainment and art.

Beats for Love

2.7. - 5.7.2020

Beats for Love dance music festival held in the national historic landmark Lower Vítkovice area. It is the biggest dance festival in Central Europe.

Czech Music Crossroads

13.7. - 14.7.2020

Czech Music Crossroads is a showcase festival linked to panel discussions. The project predominantly aims to present the music of Czech artists to foreign experts.

Colours of Ostrava music festival

15.7. - 18.7.2020

Multi-genre music festival with 350 programme items on 21 stages – concerts, discussions, theatre performances, films, workshops as well as art activities.

Summer Shakespeare Festival

July/August 2020

Open-air festival presenting works by William Shakespeare takes place every summer in Silesian-Ostrava Castle.

Gorolski Święto

31.7. - 2.8.2020

One of the oldest folklore festival in the Czech Republic held in Jablunkov.

Folklore Without Borders

17.8. - 21.8.2020

Czech and foreign folklore ensembles arriving to Ostrava show their dance and music traditions.

Ostrava Days

26.6. - 30.6.2020

The biennial Ostrava Days is focused on contemporary classical music, whether it be avant-garde, experimental, or otherwise risk-taking.

Beskydská sedmička Race

28.8. - 30.8.2020

Extreme race and mountain ultramaraton held, every year in the Beskydy Mountains.


St. Wenceslas music festival

September 2020

Music festival focused on liturgical music.

Třebovice folk festival

18.9. - 20.9.2020

Traditional autumn folk festival full of music and dance.


19.9. - 20.9.2020

The biggest security show in Europe with 200 000 visitors  consists of presentation of heavy military hardware, police and rescue equipment.

Ostrava Kamera Oko film festival

22.9. - 27.9.2020

The international film festival focuses on camera work presentation by prominent people from the Czech Republic and abroad.

International Festival of Outdoor Films

9.10. - 5.12.2020

A competitive touring cine-meeting of outdoor films focuses on sport and outdoor, adventure, extreme, adrenalin and travel film.

Spectaculo Interesse puppet festival

3.10. - 8.10.2021

An international puppet theatre festival has been organised since 1995. It is a biennial and takes place every odd year.

Polish Days in Ostrava

November 2020

A festival dedicated to Poland, its culture, traditions and history.

French Autumn in Ostrava

October 2020

A cultural festival that represents the French cultural scene, music, film genre, theater, literature and gastronomy.

Czech-Korean Days

November 2020

A cultural festival presenting the korean traditions and customs.

Meat Design Ostrava

20.11. - 22.11.2020

An exhibition of original production full of top designers, inspiration, talent and meetings in industrial backdrop in the heart of Ostrava.

OST-RA-VAR theatre festival

November 2020

A theatre festival, which in a few days represents the plays of Ostrava theaters appeared on stage in the last year.


Harmony – Advent festival

December 2020

International festival celebrating Advent and Christmas customs, carols and crafts.

Janáček Philharmonic New Year concert

January 2021

Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra welcoming the new year.

Czech Indoor Gala

February 2021

International athletics meeting

City Cross Sprint

February 2021

Cross-country skiing competition as well as exhibition ski show in which top Czech and world cross-country skiers will participate.