How to travel around Ostrava?

Even in these difficult times, when we face various restrictions due to COVID-19, travelling around Ostrava is still very easy, quick and safe. There are many different ways for Ostrava’s citizens and visitors to get from “A” to “B”. We’d certainly recommend a pleasant walk through the city – but what other options do you have? In this series, entitled “How to travel around Ostrava?”, we present not only the established forms of transport, but also some fresh new ideas.


Part 1 – Public transport

Simple payment

Ostrava is one of Europe’s leading cities in using modern electronic payment systems. In 2016, it was the first Czech city (and only the second European city, after London) to introduce contactless card payments across its entire network. This unique system calculates the best possible fare for the passenger, and it became so widely-used that the city decided to stop selling paper tickets entirely from 1 January 2020. Ostrava thus became the first city to have a completely paperless public transport system. The range of electronic services continues to be expanded, so passengers can now pay using contactless bank cards, credit tickets, “IDOS” cards (from the regional integrated public transport system) or SMS payments. (See HERE for more details about fares and how to pay.)


One new payment option that has been introduced this year is a 24-hour ticket that can be purchased from ticket machines using a contactless bank card or a credit ticket. These 24-hour tickets can be purchased with a discount (for passengers up to age 15) or as group tickets (for up to 5 people of any age).


TIP: To make your Ostrava public transport experience even easier, simply download the “Moje DPO” smartphone app, which enables you to buy tickets and plan your journeys.


Comfort and safety

Ostrava has one of the largest and most modern public transport networks not only in the Czech Republic, but in the whole of Europe. Its vehicle fleet is regularly modernized and updated, so you can enjoy travelling in state-of-the-art electric buses (EKOVA Electron 12 OppCharge), modern trams (Stadler nOVA) and trolleybuses (Škoda 26 Tr Solaris).


Air conditioning, USB charging and wi-fi are becoming standard features in Ostrava’s public transport vehicles.

Safety is another key priority. Ostrava is currently the first Czech city to test an automated anti-collision system. The system – currently installed in the city’s trams – can identify obstacles on a straight tram track at a distance of up to 80 metres. It monitors not only other vehicles, but also pedestrians, and there are plans to install it in Ostrava’s buses in the future.

CCTV camera systems are gradually being installed in all the city’s public transport vehicles.


Health and hygiene are top priorities

In the current pandemic situation, Ostrava’s public transport company is doing everything possible to ensure that its passengers are protected. All vehicles, ticket machines and other equipment are regularly cleaned using ozone, steam and disinfectant. To guarantee safe travel and minimize the risk of infection, all passengers must wear respirators (FFP2 rating or higher), and it is no longer possible to enter and exit vehicles via the front doors. The other doors now open automatically, so it is not necessary to press buttons to open them.


Easily recognizable

It’s easy to recognize Ostrava’s trams, buses and trolleybuses thanks to their distinctive and unique turquoise and blue/white colour schemes.

An eco-friendly network

Quality, accessibility and comfort are not our only priorities – the environment is also a key focus for us. In just a few weeks from now, all our buses will be completely eco-friendly – powered by either electricity or CNG. There are also plans to introduce hydrogen buses in the future.


Key information for visitors (and locals)

See HERE for FAQs and a full range of information on travelling around Ostrava – including how to get to the city centre, how to plan your route and view timetables, whether you can pay in Euros, and more.


And let’s not forget… Have you travelled on one of Ostrava’s new double-decker buses yet? At the moment they’re operating on a route between Poruba and the Hrabová industrial zone, but we can’t wait for them to start running on a shuttle service between Ostrava’s most popular visitor attractions – the zoo and Lower Vítkovice!






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