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TROJHALÍ is a multi-functional space serving the needs of the general public. It consists of a Roofed Square (Zastřešené náměstí), which can be used for various cultural and social events, and the Central Power Station (Ústředna), predominantly available for sports and leisure activities.

THE ROOFED SQUARE is, besides other things, a perfect venue for events such as concerts, exhibitions, theatre performances, markets, public skating and other social, cultural and sporting activities. Thanks to the roof, any event can take place there independently of the weather, which is a huge advantage compared to other squares. On top of this, the Roofed Square may not only be rented by organisers of big events, but also by regular visitors to serve their private purposes.

THE CENTRAL POWER STATION is a separate building used especially for sport. There are two gymnasiums most frequently used for sporting activities (volleyball, badminton, basketball, floorball, etc.). All sports equipment for the above-mentioned sports is further available. The gyms offer modern and functional facilities within this historic and renovated coat. The gym area also includes a sports bar open to the general public that offers a variety of delicious refreshments.

Contact person:
Michal Fázik
K Trojhalí 5
Ostrava, 70200
+420 725 360 218


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