Municipal house


Beautiful and unique spaces for rent in the historic center of Opava.
The Opava cultural organization provide to rent this spaces:

Hall of Mayors (Municipal house) The main area of the Municipal House is located on the ground floor. The hall of mayors is intended for social balls, company parties, banquets, classical music concerts and dance courses.

Schössler’s lounge (Municipal house)The lounge is suitable for smaller cultural and social events, as well as discussions, lectures, trainings. You can also use the space to organize private events (family celebrations, corporate parties).

Church of St. Wenceslas (House of Arts) Currently, classical music concerts, important social gatherings and wedding ceremonies take place here.

Refectory (House of Art) The hall is used mainly for lectures, chamber exhibitions and film screenings.

Contact person:
Ostrožná 46
Opava, 74601
Municipal house, phone
+420 553 791 947
Municipal house, mobile
+420 734 518 907
House of art, phone
+420 553 668 734
House of art, mobile
+420 734 862 481

Conference halls

Name Theatre School m2
Hall of Mayors100 - -
Schössler's lounge50 - -
Church of St. Wenceslas, House of Arts - - -
Refectory, House of Art60 - -