City of Ostrava Cultural Centre


The City of Ostrava Cultural Centre is available as a venue for various types of events. We have many years’ experience of hosting exhibitions, concerts, ballroom dancing events, fashion shows, theatrical performances, conferences and congresses, graduation ceremonies, training courses, seminars, and company presentations. We offer a range of premises for these events: our grand auditorium, the antechamber to the auditorium, the theatre hall, the salon, the cinema, the gallery/exhibition hall, club rooms and teaching rooms.

The City of Ostrava Cultural Centre offers a complete range of event-hosting services including programme design and promotion. There is also a restaurant on-site. We are located just a short distance from Ostrava city centre, with easy access by car and public transport.

Contact person:
Bc. Pavlína Pospíšilová
28. října 124
Ostrava, 70924
+420 597 489 256
+420 605 227 139

Conference halls

Name Theatre School m2
Grand auditorium780373 -
Theatre hall576 - -
Antechamber230156 -
ART cinema115 - -
Club rooms - 60 -
Teaching rooms - 50 -