Landek Park


The greatest Czech mining museum evolved from a black coal mine, Anselm. A quarter of a kilometre long system of corridors underground reveals step by step the secrets of an authentic mining workplace.

The area of the mining museum at Landek park offers knowledge, relaxation and entertainment.Visitors will be shown what a typical work shift was like for miners in the past. Accompanied by credible noises they will go underground into the mine, visit chain cloakrooms, take a ride in theoriginal mine train from the 1960s and see an exposition of mine rescue work. Finally, visitors can try some gastronomical specialities of the era in a nearby restaurant.Landek Park is an attractive suburban recreational area for families, school children, sport enthusiasts and organizers of cultural events.


Contact person:
Pod Landekem 64
Ostrava-Petřkovice, 72529
+420 605 971 627
+420 702 201 874

Conference halls

Name Theatre School m2
Compressor Hall350 - -
Mining restaurant Harenda u Barborky130 - -
former pattern shop and stables150 - -

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